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Follow these tips for greater social media privacy:


Facebook – remove unwanted tags from multiple photos


  • Go to your activity log

  • Click ‘Photos’ in the left column

  • Select the photos from which you’d like to remove a tag; click ‘Report/remove tags’

  • Click ‘Untag photos’

  • Removed tags will no long appear on the post or photo will still be visable to the audience it’s shared with.


Twitter – Protect tweets so that only your followers can see them


  • Go to your account’s ‘Secruity and privacy’ settings

  • Scroll down to the ‘Tweet privacy’ section and check the box next to ‘Protect my tweets’

  • Click the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. You will be prompted to enter your password to confirm the changes.


Instagram – Set photos to private so only your followers can see them


iOS - Privacy settings


  • Tap ‘Edit your profile’ next to your profile picture

  • Turn on the ‘Posts are private’ setting and then tap ‘Done’

  • If you have an android phone, tap the check mark instead to save your changes.

TikTok - A guide for parents and guardians

Online Safety Advice for Parents



Below you will find information and useful links relating to E-Safety as well as some tips to help you keep up to date with the digital era.









Social Networks - Do's and Don'ts

  • Only establish and maintain connections with peiple you know and trust. Review your connections often.


  • Assume that ANYONE can see any information about your activities, personal life, or professional life that you post and share.


  • Ensure that your family takes similar precautions with their accounts; their privacy and sharing settings can expose your personal data.


  • Avoid posting or tagging images of you or your family that clearly show your face. Select pictures tajen at a distance, at an angle, or otherwise concealed. Never post Smartphone photos and don't use your face as a profile photo, instead, use cartoons or avatars.


  • Use secure browser settings when possible and monitor your browsing history to ensure that you recognise all access points.

Useful Links

(Advice on how to report abuse)

Childnet: Know IT all for Parents

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