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Manga High Maths



What is Manga High Maths?

Manga High is an internet based package which is used by years 8 and 11.  Each child has been given their own set of log on details and has their own Manga account.


Using these Manga accounts tasks/games are set by the Maths teachers for their classes which are based on the topics being taught as well as basic number skills.  Also messages of help and congratulation can be sent by the teacher to individual pupils via the account.  Manga High can also suggest tasks or games to improve the account holder’s skills.

Year 8 get an opportunity to log on and access their Manga account once a fortnight in school for a period.  They can also log on at home on any internet enabled device.  To get full benefit from the programme year 8’s should log on at home for three 15minute sessions a week.


Year 11 get an opportunity to log on duration registration once a week and should also log on at home for three 15 minute sessions a week at home.


During Maths Support you can come along an assess your Manga Account on a ipad.

On successful completion of the tasks/games the account holder is awarded bronze, silver and gold medals.  At the end of the month league tables are printed for each class and displayed in both the maths rooms and form rooms.  Top performers receive merits and prizes based on the number of medals.


Mrs H Moore and Mrs A Smyth manage the School Manga High account.