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How to ensure your teenager achieves in GCSE English

Where are we now?


  • Pupils have completed three written pieces of Controlled Assessment, worth 40%

  • Pupils have completed a number of assessments in Speaking and Listening, worth 20%.

  • Pupils will have 2 exams, worth 40%.


What is in the exam?


  • The exam: Each paper will last for One hour 30 minutes

  • Each section is worth 10% and is to be completed in 45 minutes

  • Unit 1 Section A:  Personal Writing

  • Unit 1 Section B:  Analysis of 2 Multi-modal texts (e.g. DVD covers, leaflets, advertisements, websites)  

  • 2 questions – Presentation and Language

  • Unit 2 Section A:      Functional/Persuasive Writing on a current issue               

  • Unit 2 Section B:       Analysis of Non-Fiction Writing


How can you help your child to achieve the best grade possible in GCSE English?


Don’t believe the myth that you can’t revise for English! It is not so much about the “WHAT” but the “HOW”!


  • Homework is set at the end of every English class – encourage your child to complete the work and to complete it to the best of their ability.

  • Your child should have a list of Persuasive Techniques – encourage them to learn these on a regular basis as these terms will be needed in all sections of the exam (e.g. the definitions of such terms as alliteration, hyperbole, emotive language, lists of three)

  • Encourage your child to take an interest in current affairs/ have opinions on things they see on television/develop their general knowledge/read

  • Encourage the completion of timed tasks  at home as timing is difficult  to manage in English

  • Encourage your child to ask for additional past papers as appropriate

  • Send them to additional English Support after school on Mondays from 3-4pm

  • Send them to Revision Sessions during Study Leave (information will be sent home later)


Final Thought:


“Literacy is key to all learning, enjoyment and personal growth”


Liz Armour 

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