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​Link with Amma Centre

In October 2015 our school was successful in securing a two year programme of support from the Amma Centre in Armagh. Many subjects have organised projects with the Amma Centre to enhance our pupils use of iPads.


A brief description of the projects being undertaken is given below:

Yr 10 Art  Dept. Project


A series of workshops that explore the creative skills used in producing TV & Film resulting in an iMovie project created by the year group.

Yr 11 Business Studies Project


iMovie project creating an advertisement for a business idea the students have already developed in class.

Yr 11 Maths  Project


Series of workshops exploring methods of creating revison resources on the iPad.

Yr 8 History - iMovie project creating a promotional video for each of the school houses that will be presented in a persucesive style as part of a 'dragon's den' pitch.




Yr 8 Technology - iMovie project creating Health & Safety tutorial videos to be used as a resource in the future.



Yr 9 Technology - Series of workshops exploring CAD/CAM design and manufacturing process, using the iPAD app Antodesk 123Design.



Yr 10 Home Economics - Book Creater project based around the diversity of food. Callabrocam to be used.



Yr 10 Music - Introduction to Garageband and performance based Garageband in term 3.

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