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Pastoral Care



Drumglass High School has a long tradition of placing pastoral care and the individual needs of the pupils at the very centre of what it does. We place a great deal of emphasis on the pastoral care of our pupils. We, as a school, are more concerned about a student’s exit skills and qualities rather than their entry skills and qualities. We place a very high importance on putting the individual child at the centre of all that we do, providing them with as wide a range of learning experiences as possible to better equip them for the world they will enter as citizens and as contributors to society.


For the duration of their time with us, each child will have a form teacher, whom we will try and ensure is with them throughout their whole time with us. Together with a very experienced pastoral team, the needs of each pupil are evaluated and assessed throughout that time.


Our central focus within learning is to provide the conditions and environment which allows each child to reach their full potential. With the support of home, organisations within the wider community and the pastoral care that exists within school, we aim to provide a safe, friendly, warm and caring school environment which supports young people in their learning and ensures that their welfare is of paramount importance.


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