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Pupils with English as a Second Language (EAL)

Drumglass High School is welcoming to newcomer pupils and runs the EAL Department (English as an Additonal Language) to support them. The department aims to develop pupils' English language skills, help them settle in a new school and celebrate their home language and culture. 


Our day-to-day activities include:

  • additional English language lessons in small groups leading up to an ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) qualification in Year 11 and 12  

  • in-class support from learning support staff during mainstream classes

  • subscriptions to online learning platforms tailored to the needs and the level of English of individual pupils, exploring variety of topics with a special focus on Maths and English skills such as Reading Eggs, Languagenut, Mathletics and many more

  • lunchtime clubs to help with homework, for peer teaching and developing relationships

  • celebrating diversity of pupils' languages, culture and heritage

  • offering GCSEs in their home languages when possible

  • liaising with outside agencies supporting academic and pastoral provision for EAL pupils 

Inclusion and promoting pupils' independence of all nationalities and cultures are central as all pupils are encouraged to learn, develop their interests, participate in school life as well as cultural diversity events and workshops.


Mrs McKillion (EAL Coordinator) with Mrs Hazlett work together to create friendly, supportive and nurturing environment for our newcomers.



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