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Rewards System

Platinum Award

Bronze Award

Silver Award

Gold Award

A Daily Merit (DM) is automatically awarded each day a pupil atends school and adheres to all the school policies. Bonus Merits (BM) are extra points awarded to pupils by any staff member for extra gestures of good will, hard work and commitment. Merits will be totalled together and rewards can then be selected from our reward list.

Student of the Year

The Peter Nesbitt Cup will be presented to the pupil with the most merits in an academic year. The cup will be presented by the Guest of Honour at the school’s senior prize day in November.

(To the pupil receiving the highest number of merits in an academic year)

Process for Claiming Prizes

1. The pupil reports their total merits to their Form Teacher.


2. The Form Teacher informs Mr. Cotton of the prize(s) being claimed.


3. Mr. Cotton passes on prizes to respective Year Heads.


4. Prizes will then be presented during Year Assembly.

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