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School Attendance Matters

'Good attendance is an absolute priority!'



We find attendance is crucial for our pupils to achieve their full potential. This is why we have put in place an Award Scheme to encourage our pupils to have 100% attendance.

Rewards for 100% attendance include:

  • Prizes given for 100% attendance.  Winners are selected randomly.

  • Early lunch at 12.15 pm in our very own Zest Restaurant for the Form Class with the best attendance each month.


The effects that poor attendance has on a learner:


  • habits of poor attendance in school are often repeated in working life.

  • become isolated from friends.

  • underachieve in examinations.


90% attendance = a GCSE grade drop in each subject.



Why is attendance important? 5 GCSEs including Maths and English

UK research has produced the following figures...

attendance image.png

For more information on why school attendance is important and how you can help please look at the link below:

School Attendance matters   

 Miss school = miss out

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