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Our Mission Statement and Aims


 We promote and reward success at Drumglass High School.




We Strive:


  • To provide all pupils with a professional, supportive and caring environment.


  • To develop each pupil’s personal and academic potential.


  • To offer to each pupil a high quality modern vocational and academic pathway to further and higher education, entrepreneurial skills, training, apprenticeship or employment and lifelong learning.




We Aim:


  • To help pupils develop their abilities, interests and attitudes in a happy, purposeful, caring environment.


  • To encourage the all-round development of each pupil so that he or she may contribute as fully as possible to their school and community.


  • To promote the acquisition of knowledge, skills, concepts and attitudes which will equip pupils for work and leisure.


  • To build on established links with the Home, Primary Schools and the wider community.


  • To prepare pupils for the transition from school to further and higher education and/or training, and the world of work.


  • To develop an awareness of the Christian values in our society and to encourage understanding and tolerance of others.

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