Drumglass High School Staff

Drumglass High School operates under the overall leadership of the Principal (Mrs Shilliday) who works in close consultation with the Vice-Principal (Mr Thompson).  The school is fortunate to have a team of outstanding teachers supported effectively by dedicated classroom assistants, administrative staff and ancillary personnel.


All staff members are fully committed to the welfare and development of our pupils academically, vocationally and pastorally.

Teaching Staff:-

Mrs A Irvine

Mrs H Hanna

Mr Wilson

Mrs Bell

Mr Stewart

Mr Smyth

Mr Cotton

Miss Neill

Mr Kelly

Mrs Glasgow

Mrs Watt

Mrs Smyth

Mrs Hill

Mrs McCombe

Mrs Hutton

Mrs McKillion

Miss McCurry

Mr McConnell

Mrs Moore

Mr Hoines

Mr McAlister

Learning Support Staff:

Mrs McAdam

Mrs McKevitt

Miss Nesbitt

Mrs Telford

Mrs Calvert

Mrs Turkington

Miss Boyd

Mrs Davidson

Mrs Nelson

Mrs Cunningham

Mrs Mills

Mrs Little

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