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​School Council

The School Council is comprised of students from years 8 – 12 who have been organising various activities such as a Bun Sale, co-ordinating the implementation of recycling bins and will be hosting other events such as Anti-Bullying Week (11th – 16th November). We will be raising money for a range of charities throughout the year as well. 

The council members are a representative for Student Voice and regularly feedback and give their opinions on various ideas to staff. They are a vital aspect of the School community.


If you have any ideas or issues, please speak to a council member during Form Time. 


Members are: Madison Lutton (8BW), Phoebe Gallagher (8BW), Carla Johnston (8BW), Lucy Glenn (9AS), David Wright (9LW), Mellanie Belo (9SG), Faith McElroy (9AS), Alex Flanagan (10DM), Orrin Michael McKenna (10JC), Eoin Fay (10BE), Grace Hunter (12DH), Aaron Johnston (12DS), Hayden Shilliday (12DH) and Cain Ballantine (12AN).


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