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Digital Technology  (ICT)



KS3 pupils have one period of ICT per week.


The KS3 (Years 8-10) curriculum is comprised of the following:-


  • Use of Microsoft Word

  • Spreadsheets & Charts

  • Business cards

  • E-safety

  • Use of Internet

  • Email

  • Tables

  • Website Design

  • Graphics

  • Input & Output devices

  • Cloud storage

  • Presentations

  • Newsletters

CCEA Digital Technology at GCSE


This course provides a sound basis for further study in both 'A' Level Digital Technology and A Level Software Systems Development.

Pupils study 3 units over the two year course.  Pupils sit the Unit 1 exam at the end of Year 11 which forms 30% of their GCSE grade.  In Year 12 the pupils will complete Units 2 and 3.


OCN NI Level 2 Certificate in IT Applications

We also offer a vocational based IT course with 100% coursework and no exams.  This course is equivalent to a grade B at GCSE.

The pupils complete 5 portfolios:

- Use of Microsoft Word

- Website Design

- Social Media

- Use of the Internet

- Presentations

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