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Health and Wellbeing Support

Who Can I Talk  to?

School Support:

If you have a worry or concern you can talk to your form teacher, head of year, Vice Principal, Principal or any member of the teaching or non-teaching staff. 


We are here to help phone 02887722421 or email

Head of Year 8 – Mrs Hutton

Head of Year 9 – Mr Kelly

Head of Year 10 – Mrs Irvine

Head of Year 11 – Mrs Moore

Head of Year 12 – Mr McConnell / Mr McAlister

Vice Principal – Mr Thompson

Principal – Mrs Shilliday


If you are in despair or crisis contact lifeline on free phone line 0808 800 8000

Outside Support:

Our School Counsellor is Mrs Brenda McElroy, Family Works School Counsellor.


If you would like to speak to Brenda, please speak to any member of staff or place your name and form class on a slip of paper and put in in the post box. An appointment will be made for you.

You can drop in and see Brenda on a Wednesday at lunch time. Just tell the ladies in the school office that you would like to speak to her.


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