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Art & Design 



At Drumglass High School we aim to encourage imagination and individual thinking in Art and Design. While we value the importance of traditional skills such as drawing, painting and photography, we provide a varied curriculum, including textiles and digital media, which is intended to help all pupils discover and develop their own creative abilities.  


The study of Art requires not only practical skills but also the study of Art History to provide context to the work.


KS3 - Projects

Year 8

  • Drawing Skills and Colour Theory

  • Henry Matisse - ‘Drawing With Scissors’

  • Portraiture


Year 9

  • Optical Art

  • Pop Art

  • Digital Collage


Year 10

  • Drawing Skills

  • Michael Craig-Martin – Overlapping Composition Painting

  • Cakes and Sweets



GCSE Art and Design gives students opportunities to actively engage in the creative process of art, craft and design to develop as an effective and independent learner. They will have the freedom to explore many art, craft and design skills and processes throughout the two components of this course. Students will develop core knowledge, understanding and skills through their own exploratory work and the research of others’ work. There will be a focus on drawing as it is fundamental to the creative process in all art, craft and design disciplines. Assessment will take place at the end of the course.


Methods of Assessment


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