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English Literature



Do you enjoy reading? Perhaps you are someone who loves stories? Or perhaps you would like further practice in the skills of English? Maybe you enjoy learning about historical or social contexts of pieces of literature such as life on a farm in 1930s America or life during Shakespeare's time or life and perspectives during a time of a particular war or conflict?


Choosing this subject will present to you interesting stories and historical contexts and can help improve your ability in the skills required in English Language GCSE. Furthermore, a GCSE in English Literature "encourages students to be enthusiastic, independent, imaginative, critical and analytical readers. It aims to increase their enjoyment of reading, helping to nurture a lifelong love of literature."


This course is designed to give you a deeper knowledge of the different types of literature - poetry, prose and drama. Literature allows you to learn and escape, shows you new ideas and experiences, entertains and informs and enriches your life.

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