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Teacher in charge: Mr. J Hoines

Geography is a subject that helps young people understand the world around them and at Drumglass High School we are passionate about showing our young learners how they can become vehicles for positive change when it comes to improving local and global environments and societies.  It is a very popular subject at both KS3 and KS4.



GCSE Course Structure

The study of GCSE Geography is divided into three units, each with its own individual exam element. These assessments take place over both Year 11 and Year 12 with the percentage weight of each element shown below  



Year 11  

  • Unit 1: Understanding Our Natural World (40%)


This unit has four themes covering physical geographical processes and systems, and human interaction with them.

Theme A: River Environments

Theme B: Coastal Environments

Theme C: Our Changing Weather and Climate

Theme D: The Restless Earth




  • Unit 2: Living in Our World (40%)


This unit is made up of four themes involving various aspects of Human Geography

Theme A: Population and Migration

Theme B: Changing Urban Areas

Theme C: Contrasts in World Development

Theme D: Managing Our Environment


  • Unit 3: Fieldwork (20%)


This unit involves an assessment based on our River Torrent Field Study.

Students conduct tests and investigations along the river's long profile, and the

data collected is then used to complete the Unit 3 examination.

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